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Sandown Railway Enthusiasts Club was established in 1996.

We have over 40 active members and meets weekly at Brading station on Wednesday nights at 7.30pm

Above Is A Picture Of Brading Station Click Here For The Station History

We are proud to have as Club Patron Sir William McAlpine

Our Club did not start out as a model railway club but as a general interest club to do with railways although the model side of the club is on the increase to such a degree that we have undertaken a project to reproduce part of the old railway line that run on the island ( See Club Project ).

Some of our club members have built layouts of various gauges and exhibit them at local shows ( See Events ).

We as a Club are fortunate to have talented members of various skills from carpenters to scratch builders, scenic specialists and electronic boffins all of which add up to a great team.

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